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Learn About Teen Psychology and How to Adapt & Apply Principles to Work in Your Home With Your Child.

12 Modules of Core Training ‘Parenting Teen Psychology’

Weekly Live Parent Coaching Sessions to Support Implementation & Change

Guest Experts from around the Globe for live Q&A and Knowledge Exchange

Daily Interaction & Support from Your Community of Peers & Professionals

Weekly Training & Coaching Programme

Week 1: Getting Clear - Getting Honest
An exploration into your current relationship with your child and the family dynamics. To enable you to create clear pathways for change over the next 1, 3, 6 and 12 month intervals.
Week 2: The Challenge We Face
A look at how society has shaped our own attitudes towards parenting; our children’s attitudes towards us and the steps you can take to make the shift in your parent/teen/child relationship.
Week 3: Understanding the Teen Brain for Improving Communication & Reducing Conflict Pt1
This will be the first look at the development and functioning of the teen brain. We will explore how this functioning impacts on your home and in your relationship. You will understand why your child responds in the way they do.
Week 4: Understanding the Teen Brain for Improving Communication & Reducing Conflict Pt2
This week will be a further delve into the psychology of adolescent development and behaviour. Together we will apply the understanding and build strategies that will work in your individual homes for improved communication and to reduce avoidable conflict situations.
Week 5: Building a Connected Relationship to Prevent Risk Taking Behaviour Pt1
We will look at the roots of disconnection that often grows between parents and their adolescent aged children. You will identify the broken pathways that may exist between you and your teen and prepare for change.
Week 6: Building a Connected Relationship to Prevent Risk Taking Behaviour Pt2
We will look further into risk taking behaviour and then, using a psychological model of building connected relationships and preventing risk you will be supported to apply the principles and adapt them to fit into your home, with your family.
Week 7: Building Your Parenting Confidence to Challenge and/or Support Your Child
Parenting confidence has been knocked over the years and it shows in the number of parents who are unsure of how to establish themselves as leaders in the home or who struggle to advocate for their children in the world. Our children need us as shown in mental health statistics and the breakdown in relationships due to poor attitude and behaviour. This week is all about strengthening your mindset to a position where you can take positive action in all areas concerning your child.
Week 8: How to Effectively Challenge Destructive Teen Attitude & Behaviour Pt1
Building on the confidence and change in mindset, this week will demonstrate effective ways to challenge negative adolescent behaviour from a place of strength and love. We will begin an in depth exploration into negative teen attitudes, where they come from and how to guide them towards positivity.
Week 9: How to Effectively Challenge Destructive Teen Attitude & Behaviour Pt2
You will learn the ‘Seven Steps to Challenge & Connect’. This process will enable you to effectively challenge behaviour, restore calm in your home and gain the respect that you deserve.
Week 10: Supporting Your Child’s Adolescent Mental Health in the Home Pt1
You will gain a deep understanding of the social issues that negatively impact on young people’s mental health. As our world has become smaller your understanding at a global, national, community and individual home level is imperative to equip you with the skills to protect your child’s emotional wellbeing.
Week 11: Supporting Your Child’s Adolescent Mental Health in the Home Pt2
Together we will explore the psychological tools that support positive mental health and you will be supported in making decisions on what to apply in your own homes with your own child.
Week 12: Consolidation & Reflection
This week will give you the opportunity to look back on the gains you have made in the relationships you have with your children, with yourself and family life as a whole. We will celebrate the key moments that pivoted your relationships and we will identify areas that we will continue to work on throughout the year.
Week 13 and onwards
Continued professional support and coaching to address individual needs. Peer support and specialist guest speakers from around the world.


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I look forward to seeing you in the Parenting Club for Teen Success!
Warm regards, Anika

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