Parent Coaching Video

Transform your parent & teen relationship to create calm in your home (aka How Not to completely lose the plot!)

Many parents who I have worked with over the years have described the feeling of being a ‘public success and private failure’.

It’s a devastating feeling to have when you might be responsible for so many important aspects outside of the home such as:

  • the wellbeing of extended family
  • managing a team at work
  • your contributions to the company’s growth

only to feel all of that being undermined by your child once you return home and step through the door.

If you find yourself asking any of these questions:

“What am I doing wrong?”
“I give them everything – why are they behaving this way?”
“Who can help me with this?”

Then you’ll find the answers in this free coaching video.

Together we will explore the reasons why so many parents, from all walks of life, have reached this point and I’ll share with you the action you can take towards transformation.

Please click the link and log into the website for access:

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I look forward to sharing some ‘Ah-Ha’ moments with you.

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