Helping employers to boost working-parent wellbeing, productivity & work-life balance

Training for People Managers

Training for People Managers

Learn about this innovative approach to enhancing employee wellbeing, productivity and work-life balance. 

You will gain:

  • a comprehensive understanding about the hidden issues for working parents and how they adversely impact women in particular.
  • guidance on simple steps in easing the work-life balance pressures that exist for your colleagues.

With the fallout from this pandemic rumbling on, there is no better time to gain new insight and methods to support the wellbeing of your people.



The course garnered excellent feedback across the board from the delegates. I. Bates, Policy & Representation Manager, East Midlands Chamber of Commerce.

This was a very good session. It highlighted the impact on working parents and I gained a greater awareness of the issues being faced. K. Maison, People Policy Lead at Cambridge University Press & Assessment

I think the training would be useful for people who don't have children within the age range. It would provide them with great insight into parenting issues. N. Charlton, York University

An informative course. It allowed an insight to challenges and opens the mind to ask - am I doing enough for individuals and maybe there is a explanation of performance issues or some behaviours in my team members.  H. Crawford, Technical Manager of Operations, Newcastle university

All managers should attend so they have an understanding of what some of their staff maybe having to deal with. Also organisations that have departments for staff wellbeing should ensure this is understood  T. Warnett, Teaching Technical Manager, Bradford University

This is important on how to behave with colleagues who may experience many issues but who are not feeling comfortable to share their challenges to the organisation. S. Seifhashemi, Bradford University

This course includes: 8 videos


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