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Live training & coaching with Anika Vassell

Parenting teens is hard. Real hard.
...and I totally understand how you feel.

If you’re now at the point where you’ve had enough and are ready for things to change – you can join me and access this award-winning service for FREE!

I’ll help you in boosting your parenting confidence over 10 days, by using my evidence-based system. So if you:

  • Are feeling tired of their unpredictable mood swings
  • Can see your child is unhappy, but you don’t know how to help
  • Feel that their attitude is negatively impacting on the atmosphere in your home
  • Have seen them start to act in ways that are beginning to worry you
  • Are constantly battling to get through to them
  • Are worried that your child is pulling away

I can help you with all of this, as I have done with 100s of parents.

Using Teen Psychology I will help you build your parenting confidence & improve the relationship you have with your child.

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You can join me for a live chat in the membership group at least twice a week.

Simply leave me a comment or you can jump on a live call and speak with me directly. I’ll give you the answers that you need to make a difference in your home.

  • learn how to switch from being viewed by your child as an obstacle to overcome to a parent who is truly in their corner.
  • get methods to build a deeper connection and meaning into your relationship.
  • find out about Teen Psychology and how to adapt & apply the models to work with your child; in your home.

Come and join me, parent members and our professional Teen-Behaviour.Com team who will be on hand to support you throughout the day.

Anika Vassell
Founder of Teen-Behaviour.Com &
The Parenting Club for Teen Happiness & Success

Nice to meet you. Over the past few years, I’ve helped hundreds of frustrated clients to build their parenting confidence by showing them the first step towards improving their relationships with their teens.

Think this group is not for you?

Maybe you’re feeling that the problems you’re facing are all too much for you to address on your own

Or that you won’t be understood.

And it could even be embarrassment that’s holding you back. The fear of other people’s judgement and being ‘found out’ and being labelled a ‘bad’ parent.

If so, this free trial is a great starting point to address your concerns and to find out more about what I teach and my underlying principles.

This is not a group that’s been designed to hurt you. It’s been designed to sure you and your family up with the exact tools you need to make changes you can build upon.

You’ll find your community of parents experiencing similar struggles, plus I’ll be in their daily to support you all with encouragement, teachings and guidance.

What is it that’s truly stopping you from joining? (We address parenting mindset too!)

This group is all about implementation AND engagement so you can leave after 10 days in a stronger position OR you may even decide to stick around more permanently!

And just to further reassure you that you are in good hands, I have more than 20yrs of experience working with children and young people. My Masters in Criminal Psychology was utilised when working with young offenders in a high security unit and I have also managed a residential care home where six of the children who had SEN, social, emotional and behavioural challenges lived with me!

I’ve truly earnt my stripes!

I’m a former Psychology Teacher, a former Home-Educator and started a provision for children who could not be managed within the mainstream education system.

I now work with national and global organisations such as Paul Smith, The University of Nottingham and Local Authorities – to support their employees who have adolescent-aged children.

I’m a parent advocate and teen-behaviourist, a mother to two girls – aged 13 and 16yrs and I’m also a current Doctoral Candidate at the University of Nottingham – within the School of Medicine, Faculty of Psychiatry & Applied Psychology where I am researching ways in which businesses can better support their employees who have older children.

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