Let’s Talk Teens!
Meet other parents who are in the exact same shoes you and laugh, learn (& cry) together.


FREE (for now), Fun, Informative, Lunchtime Live Talks

1st Tuesday of the Month - 12:00 - 13:15 | Places are Limited so Book Early

If you have a child aged between 9-19yrs then you are more than welcome to join our growing tribe.


Get the latest Top Tips to better manage your child’s

  • Risk-taking
  • Poor attitude & behaviour
  • Mental health


Following the training you will be put into smaller groups where you can discuss the days topic with other parents. This will help you to consider the ways you can put your learning into action.


After the group chat, you will be brought back into our main area where questions will be answered live to help you take steps forward in your parenting journey.

Places are limited

Your host

Hi, I’m Anika Vassell – mum of teens, teen behaviourist & parent advocate. I’m on a mission to empower parents with the confidence and the tools to make positive changes in their homes.

To be honest, I’m tired of how parents are too often disregarded and left out of the conversations of supporting our young people – especially when the research shows that parents – YOU – are the best person to support your own child.

Come and meet me on the live and you’ll soon see the difference an hour makes!

How it works

  • For just over 1hr each month, there will be training on a specific element of teen behaviour.
  • You’ll then get put into groups with other parents – where you will have chat around that days topic area.
  • We’ll then meet back up in the main group for you to feedback and a Q&A session

Then, if you enjoyed yourself – we can all meet back up the next week!

What’s not to love?

Book your place and I’ll see you there!

Anika - x

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