Course 1 - The 13 Parenting Power Mind Shifts

Course 1 - The 13 Parenting Power Mind Shifts

There is an incredible amount of pressure on the health, educational and social systems that are designed to support us.

Unfortunately, the rapid emotional development of our children, does not afford us the luxury of time to wait until these pressures are fixed.

Our children need support now - and that support comes from you!

This course will help you take the 13 fundamental shifts in your thinking, that are needed for parenting in the times we live in.

If you are struggling with your confidence, to manage your son or daughter's:

  • poor attitude & behaviour towards you and/or others in the home
  • their risk-taking and/or self-destructive acts or
  • their emotional well-being

allow me to share these 13 Parenting Power Mind Shifts, that will support you through.


Accompanied by The Parent & Teen Relationship Toolkit

Video time: 30mins

Work time: approx 30mins

This course includes: 3 videos


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