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Course 1 - The 13 Parenting Power Mind Shifts

It is now, as we attempt to move towards 'normal', that the real cracks - as a result of this pandemic - will begin to show.

If you are ready to lead your family in this moment, and take charge of your wellbeing - then this introductory course will help position you - as your child's first, and last line of defence.

If you are burying your head in the sand - hoping that this 'phase' will pass - I get it.

If you're waiting for a hero to come in and save your child - I get that too BUT recognise this - you are that hero.

It's you. You are it.

Course 2 - Facing Your Child's Reality

We need to take a hard look at exactly what is going on for our children!

This 'eye-opening' course contains a number of shocking elements about your child's experience in this world - but this is necessary.

It is my firm belief that before you can begin addressing the issues you are facing with your child - you first need an awareness and a real understanding of what the issues are.

You'll get nothing less in this course!

Course 3 - How to Super Protect Your Child from Risks

Now that you've faced the reality - let's dig even deeper into the ways you can shield your child, from the impact of the negativity they will inevitably experience.

Using evidence-based psychological tools - learn how you can become a Super Protector for your child with this step-by-step methodology.

Use these tools to remain as, or become the 'go-to' person that your child needs in their life.

Course 4 - Understanding the Teen Brain to Improve Communication & to Reduce Conflict in Your Home

If you are walking around your home on eggshells, as you wait for your child's next, unpredictable outburst.

If you are tired of living in a home environment that has so much unhealthy, negative energy...

...then join me on this exploration of the Teen Brain, and get the tools to improve communication and reduce those conflict moments.

Course 5 - Confident Parenting

Before you can face the bigger conflicts between you and your child; before you can effectively advocate for them - you need to Parent with Confidence!

Course 6 - Challenging Poor Attitude & Behaviour

By providing a step-by-step guide, this course will ensure you have an effective strategy to take the heat out of those high intensity parent & teen moments.

You will then clear the pathway to resolution, growth and deeper connectedness with your child.

Course 7 - Protecting Mental Health

This is an honest look at what you will face as a parent who is supporting their child with mental ill-health. use cookies and other similar technologies on this website to improve your browsing experience and functionality of our site. By clicking "I accept cookies", you consent to the storing on your device of all the technologies described in our Privacy Policy.