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I really do know how hard it is with teens.

I've encountered many tough situations, both as a parent and as a teen-behaviourist.


  • Bsc (Hons) Psychology, where I explored young people's susceptibility to suggestion for my thesis.
  • MSc Forensic (Criminal) Psychology aim to understand the reasons behind and the methods needed to prevent children from entering into the criminal justice system.
  • PGCE - teaching qualification. Retrained after having children - wanted to focus on prevention of crime - realised that a major issue was within the education system.
  • Current PhD - Occupational Health Psychology & Management - realised how much adolescent behaviour increases parent stress, so now researching ways employers can support working parents who have older children.

People keep saying that teens are problematic.

There is less talk about what the triggers are behind that problematic behaviour.

Many times I find that a parent's "invisible" problems are projected onto the child even if the family background is otherwise orderly and normal.

What's the reason for that?

Parents can have their own life pressures and past experiences which can affect their children without them realising. Despite best intentions, parents can become the source of their children's behaviour.

Teen psychology shows us that the easiest way to impact our children's behaviour is to manage our own, so it makes sense to hold up the mirror and look for the negative patterns in ourselves that need breaking, so we can build new and healthy ones.

Of course, your teen may be struggling due to reasons outside of the relationship you have with them but it is always worthwhile to consider the possibility of starting to solve their issues by exploring and solving your own issues first.

That is always the starting point.

What can parents do differently?

Private consultation

If you are a parent under stress and are also struggling with your teenage child on top of that, let's have a one-to-one consultation.

We can explore your own personal issues you are facing and that in itself may help towards addressing the problems you face with your child as well.

I can also offer you plenty of useful methods to respond to and manage situations between you and your child better.

Unsure what to do next? Simply get in touch.

Consultations can be booked as and when you need them.

My solution-focused support is designed to provide you with a plan of action to move confidently forward.

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