Business Services

Business Services

We cater for small, medium and large businesses.
All products are tailored to meet the exact needs of your people.


We have a range of courses and resources that address the common challenges that many of your working parents/carers will face. Use the contact form below for full details and pricing.

Parent/Carer Courses

Parent/Carer Empower Hour

These are bespoke coaching and training sessions that address a range of ‘hot’ topics that impact on your people. The sessions encourage group discussion which creates feelings of ‘belonging’. Sessions can be delivered at times that best suit your people – including lunchtimes and/or early evenings.

Male Safe Space

Men have needs that are particular to them. These sessions create an environment where men can open up and gain the support they need to prevent the escalation in conflicts that can occur due to differences in parenting styles and changes in relationships as a result of divorce and separation.

Group or 1-to-1 Mentoring

Working well alongside your women into leadership programmes - these powerful sessions will equip your people with the confidence and exact tools to address issues that arise at home so that they do not impact on work.

Wellbeing Talks

These sessions will compliment your Workplace Wellbeing activities and can be designed to address common issues that your people are facing.

Bespoke, Company-Branded Platform

This is a cost-effective method to provide support for your people, as and when they need it. We design a platform that allows exclusive 24hr access to our online courses.. Packages of support can designed to provide live sessions to compliment their learning and facilitate an organisational culture of ‘belonging’.

Live or Online Training for Managers

This 'eye-opening' training session will raise awareness; equipping your managers with the insight and invaluable tools to effectively support their people who are raising 9-19yr olds.

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