I still have to put the work in with my own children

I’m constantly complimented on how well-behaved my children are.

I'm also aware that when I’m around parents who are having their own battles with their children – they can feel embarrassed when I witness a rude exchange or two.

It is embarrassing I guess, but that’s because we put our own shame out there. I do not judge. I'm not interested in that - but I can help - if my help is wanted. That's where my interests lay.

I always explain to parents that the only reason they don't see my children misbehave is because I proactively parent them - daily.

They are not without their teen 'stuff' that I have to manage. They are not immune to the social pressures that the ugly parts of this world imposes on them. They have issues at school that I have to go in and address. They have attitudes and behaviours that I have had to steam-iron out.

Yes – my home life is peaceful. It is truly tranquil – for the vast majority of the time.

I enjoy their company and I feel blessed.

We talk about so many things and put the world to rights. We joke around. We have fun together. My children do their chores without fuss or comment or payment! I know! They just get on with it.

But again - that's because I’ve already put the work in - and I continue to do so.

And it isn't just my own children - I had a home full of children who couldn't be educated in mainstream and couldn't be at home due to their behaviour - so I was in effect their 'House Parent' that was my title. They learnt to do chores without fuss, or comment or payment too! That's how we rolled and that's why I know I can help you - if you are experiencing struggles.

If you’ve ever worked with me – you will have heard stories about my eldest daughter, who is sixteen at the time of writing this. She was a rough diamond. Those close to me know that I dread to think how she would have turned out – had I not been the parent I am. Honestly, I could tell you some stories. 

My youngest, thirteen, is pushing boundaries and is currently on notice.

If she’s unable to bring her attitude back into check. Then I’ll happily help her do that. It’s nothing major that she's doing – I won’t allow it to escalate to that stage.

Fortunately for her, she’s seen her oldest sister’s behaviour being managed. She’s also seen me in action with the children who I worked with in a Pupil Referral Unit I used to run – so I trust she has the foresight to avoid that road.

My point here – is that I’m ready to respond. In my own time. When I feel it is right. With the many tools I have at my disposal. I feel no pressure.  I’ve got the confidence to allow my children time and space to sort things out for themselves and I have the confidence to know that if they are unable to – I’ll help. Not a problemo!

They’ll be none of this stress in my home lingering for days, weeks or months.

They’ll be no ill-feelings between us.

Problems will be addressed and our home will be a place of calm for us all to live in.

The world is tough out there. I strongly believe that all of our homes need to be a places of sanctuary - where there is peace, understanding, support and expressions of love that reign.

Any threat to that – through behaviour or attitude – as I've said - not a problem - I’ll sort it.

That’s exactly where parents who I work with end up.

Confident and assured in the steps they take.

That’s exactly the place I can get you to.

If you are interested in me walking that road with you – then you’ re more than welcome to join my FREE 5-Day Parent Coaching Challenge.

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