School Holidays & Gaming Nightmares - Top Tips

We’ve reached the end of the academic year and the usual worries that parents have are even more intense during the current world circumstances.

One of the reoccurring themes of parent worry is managing the level of gaming.

Parents: “How do we manage this? It was bad enough when they had schoolwork to do?”

My advice: “It won’t be easy. However, as you’ve raised it as a concern – I suggest you trust your gut and take action”

What action can you take?

If this is a concern of yours, then my advice would be to:

1. Put measures in place early on.

A bit like a moving ship - reversing behaviours is much more difficult than steering the behaviour in the right direction from the outset.

2. Prepare yourself for the battle.

Of course they’re going to put up a fight.Don’t let that put you off – it’s designed to. I mean I'd put up a fight too if you decided that you were going to take my seemingly only joy away (chocolate in my case!) However, see what other tasks, activities you can add into their day – so you effectively add more, rather than take away.

3. Spend more time with them

Yes, they can tie their own shoelaces and yes, they can dress themselves - but parenting our older children takes up our time in different ways!

If you truly want to see a behaviour change – it will initially take your time and effort to make it happen. Just telling them – won’t actually cut it – not for long anyway. You may have to invest your time in engaging in a new activity with them - until it becomes routine or enjoyable for them. The good thing is that you will get your time back – when things begin running smoothly and you’re no longer stressed at their behaviour.

Be prepared to dip in and out though to maintain any advances you make.

Bonus Tip

And as I share all the time – gaming is designed to be addictive. To keep your child playing. To keep them buying.

Don’t be surprised at the level of pushback you will get – however – it is doable. You decide. If you need more support with any behaviour changes have a think about joining our private members group ‘The Parenting Club for Teen Success’. Click HERE for information use cookies and other similar technologies on this website to improve your browsing experience and functionality of our site. By clicking "I accept cookies", you consent to the storing on your device of all the technologies described in our Privacy Policy.