Assess Working-Parent/Carer Need

Assess Working-Parent/Carer Need

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As I shared in the video – the multitude of stressors associated with raising older children result in many parents/carers carrying a sense of shame, isolation, and/or helplessness.

These emotional states have been exacerbated by the pandemic, yet they are not readily spoken about, inside or outside of the workplace.

It is therefore understandable that the challenges your people face may have eluded you, regardless of how family-supportive you are as an organisation.

I’d like to support you to reach out and connect with your working- parents with this easy-to-implement step.

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This FREE download will provide you with survey questions that will help you gain an understanding of:

  • the exact challenges faced by your working parents/carers and
  • how these might be impacting on their workplace wellbeing and performance.

The survey is sensitively designed to elicit candid answers from your people. You will then be positioned to make strategic decisions regarding the support you go onto provide.

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