Helping employers to boost working-parent wellbeing, productivity & work-life balance

Boosting wellbeing, productivity and work-life balance.

10% of your workforce are underperforming.

More than 50% of them, will never tell you the reason why!

Watch this eye-opening video if your organisation:

  • supports both male and female mental wellness
  • champions inclusive environments
  • wants to strengthen the positive link between wellbeing and productivity

Our services are ideal for organisations that:

  • are keen to expand their parent carer support to also cater for colleagues who are raising older children
  • hold employee wellbeing high on the agenda
  • want to address gender disparities
  • want to compliment their women into leadership programmes

Delivering award winning services for:

About Anika Vassell
PGCE; MSc; BSc (Hons)

Having studied and worked with children & their families for over twenty years, Anika not only has the theoretical knowledge but also the hands on experience of addressing the multitude of challenges and demands that arise during the turbulent adolescent years. 

Anika recognises that parents from all cultural and socio-economic backgrounds are affected. The limited support available, and the fear, stress & worry, combine to negatively impact on wellbeing, productivity and career progression - particularly as it pertains to women. 

Tired of hearing about the doom-and-gloom statistics, Anika has now built a multi award-winning business where, using an innovative approach towards workplace wellbeing, she collaborates with forward-thinking leaders who are advocates of creating workplace spaces of 'belonging’.

Anika’s experience spans both the education and social care sectors. 

She is a former specialist PSHE and A Level Psychology teacher, holds an MSc in Forensic (Criminal) Psychology and has worked in the reform of young offenders. Anika has also managed children’s residential care homes, and alternative school provisions for those with social, emotional & behavioural difficulties.

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