Your workforce no longer has to choose between being great parents or being great employees

Work-Life Balance is possibleWork-Life Balance is possible

Boost the mental health, trust, loyalty & productivity of your employees

Programmes built on the Integration theory of Work-Life Balance

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Show your employees you care.
Boost trust, loyalty & wellbeing
and improve productivity 

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Build the connection you truly want with your child
Using the time you have effectively.
Learn how to transform your parent & teen relationship

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Impact at Work & Home

The adolescent years are filled with numerous stressors which impacts on working parent wellbeing & productivity. These include adolescent: 

  • growing mental health needs, 
  • incivility & 
  • risk-taking behaviour.

Our innovative service provides training for employers, line-managers and HR personnel to enrich workplace culture through effective support of their working parents. 

We deliver virtual training courses for employees who parent children aged 9-19yrs

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Enrich your
workplace culture

Parents tell us that they feel isolated, embarrassed & ashamed when facing problems with their older children.
Be known as an organisation that cares; at the forefront of CSR & employee wellbeing.

Evidence-based &
solution-focused support

Employees are empowered to take immediate action. Programmes are built upon the Integration theory of Work-Life Balance and current research being conducted within Occupational Health Psychology & Management at the University of Nottingham's School of Medicine.

Improve Your
Employee Proposition

Fact: There is nothing more important to your current or future staff members than their children.
Truly caring for your employees by providing the time & space where they can be empowered to address issues at home, is a win for all.

Supporting employee wellbeing

Research shows that 40% of all parents dip in their own mental health as their first child hits adolescence.

Many parents struggle to cope with difficult adolescent behaviour and are often too embarrassed to get the support. This stress at home spills over into the workplace, resulting in absenteeism, losses in productivity and employees leaving employment to attend to the needs of their older children.

We provide talks, workshops & coaching to support employees in addressing adolescent incivility, risk-taking behaviour & mental health.

Our CPD training for line management ensures supports positive workplace culture.


Social connections are fundamental building blocks to successful societies. 

Our Connectedness Approach TM is based on the psychological principle that strong & supportive relationships positively impact the individual, the family, communities, the workplace culture & the economy.

By providing solution-focused support to empower parents, we help families at home and businesses save money.


Having worked with teens & their families for over twenty years, Anika Vassell now focuses on working with businesses to develop proactive approaches to their employee wellbeing strategy. 

Opening up the discourse around the stresses that parents with older children face,  businesses can address the impact it has on productivity. 

A current Doctoral Candidate at the University of Nottingham, researching the area of Occupational Health, Psychology & Management, Anika is also a former Psychology A Level teacher at one of the top performing schools in the country and holds a Masters degree in Forensic Psychology from the University of Kent at Canterbury.


Anika’s experience is extensive.

Her expertise has been utilised working with young offenders and children inside the social care system. Anika has managed children’s residential units and opened an Alternative Provision for children who fell outside of mainstream education.

Anika’s mission is to empower parents with the tools and knowledge necessary to get children through the often complex, adolescent years and to impact policy where working parents with older children are supported in the workplace. 

Anika Speaking with Universities Minister, Richard Skidmore & Rt Hon Robert Jenrick at the University of Nottingham

Providing a 2x University of Nottingham Award Winning Service

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