Boosting Working Parent Wellbeing

for parents with children aged 9-19yrs

Build your confidence, and get the tools and support you need to manage the challenges of raising your older child.

Go further to support employee mental health & wellbeing with our range of services that are designed to reduce the spillover of family-to-work conflict.

Attract more of your ideal clients and learn how to support them in addressing work-life balance pressures that stem from raising older children

Anika Vassell
Teen Behaviourist | Parent Advocate
Working-Parent Wellbeing Consultant


Having worked with children & their families for over twenty years, Anika Vassell recognised that parents, from all walks of life, do not get the support they deserve with their older children.

Anika has now built a multi award-winning business to support parents at home, and in the workplace.

Anika’s experience spans both the education and social care. She is a former Psychology teacher, has an MSc in Forensic Psychology where she worked with young offenders, and has managed children’s residential homes and alternative school provisions.

Delivering award winning services for:

Employer & Parent Insights

Women in leadership & the gender housework/care burden gap

You'll be surprised to learn what happens to the chores as women become the main breadwinners in the house!

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Take this step to protect your child's mental health at university

You may well be shocked to learn that your child's university is not obligated to inform you if your child experiences a life-threatening mental health crisis. Here's what you can do about that!

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If it feels tough on you - it's because it's tough on them!

The adolescent years can be tough on you - but we can't forget our children's pain in those moments. When they lash out - that's the time to step back, and then step forward.

15 / 12 / 2020 Read more

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